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Child Support - New Jersey courts often order child support even after a child turns 18. In fact, courts have awarded college costs and even the cost of graduate school.


New Jersey Court System
The New Jersey Court System is online. The court website is a massive resource to learn more about the court process, history and news.

New Jersey Court System - Court Rules and Forms
The New Jersey Court website provides court rules and appendices of forms. These forms may be required to be completed depending on your case.

Federal Courts
For any questions regarding Federal Courts, please visit the U.S. District Court of New Jersey website.

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
As a part of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, we recommend that you visit this website when contemplating divorce.

New Jersey Collaborative Law Group
For more information regarding Collaborative Divorce and other Collaborative Professionals, please visit the New Jersey Collaborative Law Group's website.

New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators
For more information regarding mediation, please visit the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediator's website.